Litigation services

Litigation Services will be provided to prepare and file Civil cases, Arbitration laws, Property laws, Family laws and divorce laws, Cheque Bounce cases, Consumer and Rera cases. We provide legal assistance in filing the case and providing complete guidance and assistance till the Final conclusion of the cases in various courts from District courts to high court.

Litigation means raising a dispute on a particular issue and getting the dispute or problem between two or more parties whether individuals, private and Public companies, statutory bodies, financial institutions, etc., through the process of courts.The courts will decide the dispute on the basis of the evidence produced with regard to the dispute and on the basis of the laws governed.

The litigation will be broadly of two kinds one in the nature of civil and another in the nature of criminal. There are litigations that are decided by the courts though the trail and wherein all the parties to the case will be adducing their evidence to their case and on the basis of the claims made by each of them, some of the litigations are decided only on the basis of the documents adduced by the parties and arguments of the case.

Thus it depends on the kinds of case as to what is the point of dispute, between whom the dispute has been raised, there are higher courts which are the constitutional courts of the country wherein the disputes/cases are heard between the parties on the basis of their documentary evidence, arguments and considering the legal aspects of each case the same will be decided by the courts.

In our Country High courts of each state and the Supreme courts are the constitutional courts, which decides such kind of disputes, also called as Litigation.

under civil litigation- a lawsuit is preferred along with the pleading in the form of a written and which describes more specifically the details of the case and how the dispute arose between the parties. Any such civil lawsuit can be filed only on the payment of the court fees to the court where such dispute is being raised. After the lawsuit is preferred there will be hearing of the case at different periods when an interlocutory application is preferred by either of the parties, then there will be hearing of each such interlocutory applications. Once the issues of the dispute are raised between the parties, Evidence of oral and documentary evidence will be taken and considered by the courts in the proceedings that will be recorded as part of the case to conclude the same will be closed by the arguments of all the contesting parties of such lawsuit.

Criminal litigation

A complaint is preferred when any offence has taken place either against an individual, or company or group of individuals alleged to have committed crime against and in violation of the laws of land. Any such complaint will be filed either in the Police station where any such crime is committed or else through the Magistrate court. After such complaint is preferred there will be a police interrogation of the offenders and they are brought before the court for the said offence committed by them. In the due course if they do not plead guilty of the said offence, then the court where such complaint is made will take the case for trail and decide the same on the basis of the evidence submitted before the court of law.

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