In Karnataka, No person or Company or Trust or any authorized person cannot purchase agriculture lands unless he is an Agriculturist. Thus any one who wants to purchase an Agriculture land must be an Agriculturist unless it is specified under the Exemptions mentioned under sec.109. AS such govt. has the power under sec.109 of Karnataka Land Reforms Act to exempt the and land/s from the applicability of provisions such as sec.63, 79A, 79B & 80 and those lands can be used for Industrial Purpose, Educational Purpose, Temples,  Housing projects, for Horticulture purpose including Floriculture and have specified units for each category under the provisions.

Prior to amendment any one who wants to set up an Industry in Karnataka, shall eb able to get an extent of 20 units only, by way of the Amendment to KLR act in 2020, govt has doubled the extent of land that can be utilized for Industries as 40 units. This change will give more land utilization capacity to the Industries and expand and Improve the production, utilization of land, labor and resources available to lead to more employment opportunities and growth in the economy of the state & country. (Unit” means [one acre (40.47 ares)] of A Class land)

Further to this the Purpose of Industrial development also includes Mining of Minor minerals, whether specified or Non-Specified and also includes the Stone Crushing activities under the Karnataka regulation of stone crushers act,2011. Thus it gives an open way to reopen the stne crushing Industries which were stopped since some time.

This amendment  makes it clear that all such lands which are approved by govt. with approval of state Highlevel clearance committee or State level single window clearance committee formed under the provisions of the Karnataka Industries Facilitation Act, 2002.

Further the company who has purchased the land with permission as mentioned above shall after utilization of the land for specific purpose for which it was purchased, it cannot use the land for the specified purpose for various reasons beyond its control than the said land with govt. permission for the utilization of the said land for same purpose. Thus this way the amendment gives a long way for the Industries to set up production along with the way ahead to get back the money invested in case if the Industry is not able to run for any reasons for which it was put up.

This amendment gives a boost for Industrial investment & development in the state further also contributes to the State & National Economy.

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