EFFECT OF LABOR LAW AMENDMENT, 2020 Due to COVID 19 Lockdown Situation world wide and the shut down of all kinds of Business operation for a period of 50-60 days has given a tremendous impact on the Economy of the country overall. The govt. of India is trying hard & putting efforts to bring back the Economy. In this regard and support the Industries to bring back the Economy of the country, Central & Several state govts. have suspended the operation of labor laws in the country for a period of 3 years. Though the effort is made to bring back the Economy of the country to running position. The Effect of Abolition of Labor laws in this crisis may hit the country much harder than the COVID 19 impact. India is a country where nearly 500 millions work in the labor category and in the unorganized sectors. The Effect of the Amendments are the labor has to work more and earn less without safety. The Amendment of labor law leads to the Exploitation of the workers and labors leads to a situation that was in existence prior to the Indian Independence Era of a Kind of Inhuman Attitude towards labor and also violates the fundamental Right guaranteed under Art.19 of the Indian Constitution. The labors will be in a situation that they will not get the justice as envisaged under the Independent Indian Era. It may bring back again the situation of strikes and more of Trade Unions coming up in support of the cause of labors also which may give rise to the issues that the workers will not be attending to work and cause economic stagnation again. This is an Injustice on the part of labors. To protect the industries & Businesses the govt. is taking a long & wrong way ahead. The Principle of Survival of the Fittest applies, One who can influence the govt. can Survive. Thus the amendment to labor laws is taking away the rights of labors with whom the Industries & Business run and grow in all the ways.

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