If u are a tenant and staying in a rented house, apartment unit, office space or staying in a P.G. Accommodation. Then you don’t have to worry, even if u have not paid the rent then your landlord cannot evict you from the place.

While the Entire country has come to a standstill because of the Govt. Orders imposed to Contain the Pandemic COIVD -19 and if your landlord is demanding rent from you for the lockdown period. Then what you can do in this situation?

In view of lockdown orders issued the Central Govt. there is also as order issued by MHA that the landlords shall not demand rent or force the tenants to be evicted from the place in the lock down situation. The central Govt. has invoked the provisions of Disaster Management Act to control the situation and in view of the same govt. has also issued an orders to the landlords as to not to demand rent. If your landlord is demanding you rent for the lockdown period and is either threatening you or trying to evict you, then it is illegal and he will have to face the legal consequences for these actions as per the orders passed by the MHA. Thus your landlord cannot force you or evict you for the nonpayment of rent during this lockdown period.

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