The Central govt. has brought in force the Disaster management act, 2005 due to COVID-19 Lockdown situation in the country to manage and handle the situation in a very strict manner to protect the health and well being of the citizens of the Country.

When the Disaster management act, 2005 was in force govt. has issued certain orders as to not to cause any damages. Certain orders such as the the Employers, Industries, companies shall pay the full salary, wages to the employees and laborers without any deduction. The landlords shall not ask the tenants to vacate the house, P.G, or any accommodation spaces as rents are not paid in the lockdown situation and it does not amounts to default under the eyes of law. Along with these certain specified orders like maintaining hygienic conditions in and around the house, to wear masks, maintaining social distances from the other people, staying away from the huge crowds, total travel ban etc were brought in force to curb the menace of the COIVD-19 spread &  to maintain the health of general public throughout the country.

With the Lockdown 4 in force in the country and While 80 % of the lock down restrictions have been eased by the Central govt from 18th May 2020, the above orders issued in pursuance of COVID-19 attack have also been  eased and except few restrictions others all have been removed as soon as the Lockdown restrictions have been eased in the country. Thus from know onwards the Employers, companies or industries shall not be under the obligation to pay full salary, allowances, & wages to its employees, labors etc., Thus all actions taken from 18.05.2020 will be valid and will not be covered as protection under the Disaster Management act 2005 which was made available during the complete lock down situation.

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