Criminal law Amendment Bill 2018 with Reference to POSCO ACT

Criminal law Amendment Bill 2018 with reference to POSCO ACT

POSCO- An act was passed in the year 2012 to protect the child from and against the commission of sexual offences such as sexual assault, sexual harassment and pornography. Thus special courts were set up under the Act to conduct trail of such cases. Under this act ay person below the age of 18 is a child. Thus any such sexual assault on a child shall be tried under the act.

By way of an Amendment to Criminal Act. The period of trial has been fixed to two months. A special court shall do the trail and conclude the case within two months. Further under the amendment the extent of punishment for the offence of rape of a s\child under the age of 12 years shall be imposed with death penalty while under the POSCO act it was for a term of Ten years has been increased to 20 years term of imprisonment.

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